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Vermont, Green Mountain National Forest

Trip Length: 3 days
Route: day 1 / day 2 / day 3
Mileage total: 620
Road type: tarmac, dirt road
Best twisties: The Mohawk Trail 1, Mohawk Trail 2, Molly Stark TrailThe Greylock Mountain
Off-road: dirt roads, easy to ride: Forest Rd 71Seasonal Forestry Rd
Bikes: Honda CRF230M, Yamaha VStar650

July 17th-19th


A thousand mile trip—Adirondacks

Route: day 1day 2day 3 / day 4
Mileage total: 1128
Road type: tarmac, dirt
Best twisties: Sacandanga Lake
Off-road: dirt & gravel roads: Independence River
Bikes: Honda CRF230M, Yamaha VStar650

July 2nd-5th

1 girl, 1 bike, 36 hours, 500 miles—Massachusetts & Vermont

Trip Length: 2 days
Route: here
Mileage total: 500
Weather: 46-75F
Bikes: Honda CRF230M

May 15th-16th.
I’ve never been to Massachusetts or Vermont before, and now I am in love. When I think about the most beautiful and exciting roads I’ve done to date, bits and pieces found upstate NY or the Catskills—well it just about every road in northern Massachusetts. No matter where you turn there is a twist after a twist, road runs up the mountain, along the river in the valley and up on the shoulder of the mountain again. Just gorgeous.

And when you ride into smaller roads in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest it seems that the tarmac was laid by a madman: forget off-camber, it’s a rollercoaster ride of hills, turns, corkscrews, hairpins, with no warning signs whatsoever. It’s a pity I didn’t have a helmet cam that weekend because an occasional photo just does not give the routes justice…

I left at 6 AM on Saturday and by 2PM I was in Williamstown, MA. Saw Mill Parkway combined with 684 is a great fast way to get out of NYC. Route 22 was beautiful all the way—and empty! Then turned on the Mohawk Trail—this is a must ride! Twisty road takes you up the mountain to offer a 100 mile view. Visited MaSS MoCA and continued riding on the Mohawk Trail. This is where the road just gets unbelievable… Hairpin first, twisties up the mountain, hairpin on the top, twisties down the mountain, then sweeping curves in the valley along the river. Yum!

11 hours in the saddle that day (plus 2h museum) and 250 miles was my longest day so far. I stayed at the 1896 House Inn, where I got promptly adopted by friendly owners over some wonderful food (the Inn is also a pub and a restaurant—it’s a GREAT place). The next morning I was on the road again by 6.30 AM riding into Vermont, and started heading back south on Route 7 by 10AM. (7 is a nice route—but much slower than 22; too many cities/lights.) In the garage by 6PM, and that’s including a 40 min nap on the river bank in the middle of the day and the NY traffic. My first bigger solo trip—and it seems like I calculated the mileage against my stamina just right… Feels good!

After riding through the Catskills I though it’s gonna be hard to find roads as beautiful as ones there but alas, there is hope.
And it’s north!!!

The Catskills. Oh yes.

Trip Length: 3 days
Route: here
Mileage total: 525
Weather: 60-80F
Bikes: Honda CRF230M, Yamaha XVS650

May 2nd-4th. Three days. Now this was just beautiful.
Catskills are made for bike riding. Great tarmac, all twisty—turn after turn after turn, unbelievable scenery and most importantly—you can ride whole day and not run into one town. What a feeling of freedom.

Day 1
23 is great for going NW, it’s a pleasant ride and still quite fast. It gets beautiful few miles before Port Jervis.
Then Hawk’s Nest—a picturesque twisty run on the edge of the cliff on 97 few miles NW of Port Jervis. A place of many bike stunts:). And car commercials probably. Just google it. Then you follow the turns of the river on 97 along the “Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River”. It’s just great. We took a nap mid-day on the boulder on the river bank.
Then I run out of throttle!
Going uphill I found myself for the first time twisting to the max—55mph and that’s it! It is in the end 230cc, my little Honda… still I LOVE it!
We got to our lodge, The Inn at Starlight Lake early enough to get into kayaks and into the middle of the lake for an hour. The Inn is a great place to hang out: they have kayaks, rowboats, tennis court, pig pong, pool table, great hiking terrain, a fireplace and a restaurant with completely homemade food. Including bread rolls and ice cream. Highly recommended!

Day 2
From the Starlight Lake to Rosendale. There is just more and more fantastic road. First 30 then 28—they don’t seem to end. The valleys look like those in the Alps. Minus the chalets. Again turn after turn. I loved seeing the signs: turn 25mph, turn 15mph. I started getting into it:) We rode 42 to 23A to get to the stretch going through Kaaterskill—perfectly twisty run up the edge of a mountain, hairpin, waterfall. Had to ride it twice.
Then down 214 to Ashokan Reservoir—There is a small parking at the entrance to the road closed to traffic. Running on top of a dam it’s a perfect stretch for rollerblading, walks or—a nap. Yes.
We got lost on the last stretch getting to Rosendale and our second B&B, Creek Locks Bed & Breakfast. A beautiful Inn on the bank of the river with extremely hospitable keepers and a resident dog.

Day 3
—when I woke up thinking how can I possibly get back north and west, ride the Kaaterskill twists again, get back into the valleys. And then I had to get over it and start heading south. 9W is again great alternative to any highway. I had an unpleasant shock hitting first bigger town again, after two days of mountains… We stopped at the Orange Country Chopper, for kicks. And then a brilliant discovery—we haphazardly took 218 off 9W, just to check it out, and it turned out to be a mini Hawk’s Nest! It’s running twisting high up on the edge of the mountain over Hudson. There is a lookout stop in the key spot for your photographing and gasping pleasure. We ended up riding it three times:).
We were making a really good time and since we were around the Bear Mountain…
The best thing: after 3 days of riding twisties I came back to the run through the Bear Mountain that I rode before. And I could feel how much I improved—I was faster, leaning deeper and much, much more confident going through the turns. It felt great. And then the Arden Vally Rd was again a source of some adrenaline with it’s hairpins and gravel!

We were shooting with the helmet cam, so more pictures and videos coming soon.

Now I’m in trouble. We were on the road for three days, did over 500 miles. I was relaxed, far from exhausted, and ABSOLUTELY loved it. The bike did great. I started feeling that maybe—maybe, that big, “three thousand mile trip” could become reality.
I am looking at the map:).

Going Solo

Trip Length: 1 day
Route: here
Mileage total: 170
Weather: 60F
Bikes: Honda CRF230M

April 24th.
Up till now I rode all of my out-of-the-city trips with my friends. It was time to go solo and build up some confidence.

I went back to the Bear Mountain and rode all over the Harriman Park—good, relaxing day. Practicing the turns. The highlight: Arden Valley Rd—amazing stretch of tarmack that’s poor but twisting in every direction. Think hairpin into a hairpin into a turn:)

I came back with a slightly aching back (I think I was more tense than usual) but unscathed!

Bear Mountain Twisties

The route: you’ll find here
Mileage total: 145 (we did some riding around)
Weather: 55F
Bikes: Honda CRF230M, Vespa 150cc

I rode the 7 Lakes Dr around Bear Mountain a couple of weeks ago—that was the fist time I saw real hairpin—not in a book. I was terrified and moving about 15 mph. It was time to go back and do some training… I did due diligence by riding up and down the mountain. Managed to do some leaning and keep the traction—amazing!!!

If like me you’re new, this is a great place to practice corners. There are hundreds of bikers around, no cars and a very nice rest stop by the Hessian Lake.

Trip 4, Glen Cove

The route: you’ll find here
Mileage total: around 80.
Weather: 34F
Bikes: Honda CRF230M, BMW F800 GS

We attempted to get on this route, but alas, the day was too short and it was COLD (riding 495 in that temperature on my small bike —tough:). So we took it easy and bumbled along the shore. Fantastic winter light. Centre Island is all private residences, but a fun road to ride through. Lattingtown Rd is the best stretch of winding tarmac I found so far. It’s beautiful up there, so a comeback is in order.

It looks like longer trips are over for the winter. (Insert sadness).